3 Easy & Fun DIY Wedding Favors
By Makeful

We all know that a wedding is YOUR day, but it’s important to keep in mind all the travel arrangements, planning, and gifts that the guests provide, so it’s always appreciated to provide a small gift as a token of your gratitude! Rather than send a trinket or photo, why not offer something much more fun and personal? We love this little movie night basket – perfect for an at-home girl’s night, Netflix marathon, or night at the local drive-in!

  • 2 cloves garlic, (Oil and chili bottle)
  • olive oil, (Oil and chili bottle)
  • 2 dried red chilis, (Oil and chili bottle)
  • rosemary, (Oil and chili bottle)
  • 125 mL bottle, (Oil and chili bottle)
  • Funnel
  • hot sauce, (Hot sauce bottle)
  • 235 mL bottle, (Hot sauce bottle)
  • printable labels
  • Mini popcorn bags, (midnight snack)
  • Mini bottles of soda, (midnight snack)
  • Paperboard drink carrier, (midnight snack)
  • Thank-you labels, (midnight snack)
  • Sticker papers, (midnight snack)

STEP 1: Place the garlic, red chilis and rosemary inside the 125 mL bottle. Pour in the olive oil to the top – use a funnel if it’s easier. Cork it tightly and add a thank-you label: Pro Tip- it’s MUCH easier to write “Thank You” on the label before you peel and attach!  (DISCLAIMER: When using the garlic and pepper infused olive oil, make sure to advise guests to keep refrigerated and use within one week from bottling.) 

STEP 2: Pour the hot sauce into the 235 mL bottle – this one we definitely recommend using the funnel! Print out some quippy labels on your sticker paper, cut down to size, and stick onto the bottle.

STEP 3: Toss some popcorn into a popcorn bag (we recommend not pre-buttering the popcorn as it will grease the bag – and that way your guest can add the olive oil to his/her taste).  Fold open your drink carrier and insert two popcorn bags and two bottles of soda.Print out some more labels on your sticker paper, and pass out to your guests! They’ll be sharing the love with you even after the wedding weekend has gone by.

Can you get more adorable than this?! Show us how you made your own wedding favors by tagging us @BeMakeful


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