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By Makeful

Exposed shoulders are a fun and cheeky way to show off just the perfect amount of skin for summer! Keep your look elegant yet fierce by creating some shoulder cut-outs out of one of your office button-down’s or blouses. Ideal for those days when you’re feeling both saucy and sophisticated- which is always a good day, let’s face it!

  • Blouse with sleeves
  • sewing machine
  • Fabric pins
  • Fabric clips
  • fabric scissors
  • Thread that matches blouse that you’re using

STEP 1: The blouse we’re using has ruffled sleeves, which we want to keep, so we’re going to cut across just above the ruffle. Pin the areas of the blouse that you want to keep in tact, and pin the underarm part together to when you cut, everything is even. Cut a triangle on the shoulder area, and stop cutting before you get to the other edge.

STEP 2: Remove the pins and clips, and continue cutting along the sleeve seam. Continue in a loop until you meet the other side of the sleeve.

STEP 3: Fold the raw edge over and sew a straight stitch along to hem it with your sewing machine, and cut the thread . Fold over once more and sew a second stitch – this will fully hide any of the raw edge and gives it that professional quality. Try to avoid tugging as you sew – it could change the shape of the fabric.

STEP 4: Repeat on the other sleeve and you’re done!

Who doesn’t love a good outfit reveal when they shrug off their outerwear? Let those sexy shoulders shine, and if you try it yourself make sure to tag us @BeMakeful and @WithWendy!



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