3 Min DIY Dry Erase Board | w Jeanine Amapola
By Makeful

Today, on 3 Minute DIY, Jeanine Amapola is helping you get organized and inspired with a DIY dry erase board. It's perfect for your dorm room, your shared kitchen or your office!

  • picture frame
  • wrapping paper
  • tape
  • Scissors
  • white chalk pen or dry erase marker

This DIY is so simple and fast to make! Besides being super cute, it's also crazy useful. We love when we can make practical stuff fit our decorating style to a T while keeping us organized. Let's get started!

Step 1: Start by taking the back out of the picture frame and laying it on top of your wrapping paper. You want the colorful side of the paper to be facing out and the plain side to be touching the cardboard backing.

Step 2: Cut your wrapping paper to size and fold the edges over. Tape down the edges and trim any excess paper on the corners. As long as it looks smooth and even on the front, that's all that counts!

Step 3: Once the backing is nice and covered with your pretty paper, you can put it back into the frame. Secure any hardware you need to to make sure the back stays in there nice n' snug.

Step 4: We used a chalk paint pen to write on our surface, but you could use a dry erase marker too! The white chalk pen does show up really nicely against our colorful paper. Write your to-do list, leave a note for your roomie, write a favorite quote, you do you!

Ta-da! How cute is that? And of course, if you get bored with your board, you can always switch it up with whatever you want to write or display. Show us what you made your dry erase board into by tagging us on Instagram @bemakeful and use #3minDIY!


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