3 Min DIY Phone Projector w/ Jeanine Amapola
By Makeful

Today on 3 Minute DIY, we're showing you how to bring the movie theater to you. This DIY smartphone projector is super easy to make and is perfect for your next Netflix binge. Watch the next video in 3-Minute DIY with Jeanine Amapola.

  • shoe box, we covered ours in cute wrapping paper
  • black paper
  • black electrical tape
  • magnifying glass
  • glue
  • large binder clip
  • pen
  • cutting tool, X-Acto knife works great
  • smartphone

This is an awesome DIY you can bring to any party, or have around the house whenever you feel like a night watching the big screen! All you need to get started is a shoebox, a magnifying glass, a binder clip, and some tape. Oh, yeah- and a phone.

An optional first step: cover your shoebox in cute wrapping paper because, ya know, we like cute things.

Step 1: Use your pen to trace a circle around your magnifying glass inside the shoebox on the small side of the box.

Step 2: Being super careful (duh, safety first!) use your X-Acto knife to cut the circle out of the shoebox.

Step 3: Place the magnifying glass in the hole and tape it to the inside of the box using your black electrical tape. It doesn't have to look cute on the inside, so no worries if the tape goes everywhere. Long as it gets the job done and looks cute on the outside, we're into it.

Step 4: Line the inside of the box with black paper. This is actually a super important step for the projector to work properly, so cover as much as you can.

Step 5: Place your binder clip in the bottom of the box and tape down one side using the black electrical tape. You want one side to be free to open the clip so you can place your phone inside. You can play around a bit to find the perfect placement for your clip so the phone projection focuses just right!

Step 6: Finally, put on your favorite movie, place the lid on your box, and enjoy! A big bowl of popcorn doesn't hurt, either.

This project is so much fun to share with your friends at a party or a sleepover or whatever you have planned! Show us what you made at @bemakeful and use #3mindiy on the 'gram.


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