DIY Air Plant Terrarium
By Makeful

We are a little bit obsessed with terrariums right now. It's like a gorgeous little eco system you can keep right on your desk! When we found this geometric metallic and glass pyramid, we decided to make the easiest terrarium there is: an Air Plant terrarium! Air plants are a fantastic option for those whose thumbs are decidedly not green. They take almost zero maintenance while adding a lovely bit of green to any room they're in!

  • pyramid terrarium
  • white sand
  • white rocks
  • air plants
  • geode, crystal, or other embellishment

This air plant terrarium is so chic and SO easy! With only a few "ingredients" and almost no maintenance, we're confident you're going to love having one of these around as much as we do!

Step 1: Fill the bottom with white rocks for drainage and weight.

Step 2: Place at least one inch of white sand in the terrarium. Using a measuring cup is helpful.

Step 3: Place air plants.

Step 4: Add a pretty, pretty raw crystal. For this piece we went with a piece of raw pyrite - a little glitter and gold goes a long way!


And there you have it: a gorgeous terrarium you only have to spritz with water every 2-3 weeks when you remember. I mean, c'mon. How easy is that??


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