Girls' Guide to Florals: Everyday Bouquet
By Makeful

Walking into a room that holds a beautiful bouquet of fresh flowers is an instant mood booster. But getting a floral arrangement at a pro florist can get expensive- especially if you want to have fresh flowers in your home every week like we do! Here's how to DIY your own gorgeous "everyday" floral arrangement that looks like you went to the florist without spending florist prices! That is, of course, if every day for you is gorgeous and full of lots of pretty flowers. #Goals.

  • large variety of flowers from your local flower market
  • medium size vase
  • floral foam
  • knife to cut floral foam
  • water

Start by choosing a colour palette and container. For this arrangement we used dahlias, anemones, roses and wax flowers in purples and pinks. A teal green glass vase seemed like the perfect complement. Pro Tip: Head to your local wholesale flower market to pick up blooms at a crazy discount price!

Step 1: Cut your floral foam to size for your vase, then soak it by pouring water on top. Never used floral foam before? Don’t be intimidated. It's super easy to get the shape you want using any old kitchen knife. Plus it holds a lot of water to help your arrangement last longer!

Pro Tip: Cut your flower stems at a steep angle to make them last longer!

Step 2: Start placing a variety of flowers in the center and work your way out to the edges.

Step 3: Create height in the center and cut the stems shorter around the edges to create a bouquet look and shape.

Step 4: Use wax flower filler to complete the arrangement. Then stand back and marvel at your arrangement - you've created something beautiful, girl!

Place the arrangement in a high traffic area like the dining room table or your home office desk to get the most bang for your blooms. We just cannot get enough of these gorgeous fresh flowers!


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