How to Make an Epic Floral Centerpiece
By Amy Grill

I've always been a big fan of fresh flowers. Mostly, I create everyday arrangements for the living room and kitchen and keep it simple with low cut single flower bunches. Usually, I grab one of my vintage colored glass vases and rely on it's wow factor just as much as the flowers. Don't get me wrong, I'm a natural at arranging flowers but I'd never attempted an EPIC CENTERPIECE fit for a super fancy wedding, a gala or a maybe I dunno a giant marble foyer? Alternately if you have a reasonably large or long dining room table an epic floral arrangement like the one we're about to make is perfect.

  • large variety of flowers from your local flower market
  • variety of green "filler flowers" - we used amaranthus and eucalyptus
  • chalice style vase
  • floral foam
  • knife to cut floral foam
  • Scissors
  • large bowl of water

One of the best parts about creating floral arrangements? Going to the flower market!  They have flower markets in most (all?) cities. If you live in a small town, don't despair! Your local florist should sell single stems or bunches of various in-season flowers. Flower markets sell everything you need at wholesale prices and are usually open to the public for a small fee (think $2). They have a vast selection of the freshest flowers from around the world and nearby (depending on where you live). It's a surreal experience the first time you are surrounded by that many fresh flowers. Go! You'll be so glad you did. We used a low set metallic chalice vintage style bowl. This was perfect for the look we were trying to achieve. We found it online, and a very similar style was available at the flower market. Select a bowl that corresponds to available space in your home because our arrangement ended up way bigger than we expected. The bowl we used was 6" tall and 8" wide. I used more than two dozen roses of multiple colors and several bunches of ranunculus in addition to filler like eucalyptus and amaranthus. I was able to find one small bunch of peonies, fortunately. It was one of the last bunches in the market since peonies weren't in season when we created this arrangement.Surprisingly, this stunning centerpiece is easier to make than you might think. I know, right? Be confident in your ability to create beauty, and you'll end up with something you'll love. We did!

Step 1: Make a list of complementary flowers, color palette, and container. For the centerpiece, we wanted to use different rose varieties (sterling, blush, spray, and Joseph’s Coat) hydrangea, ranunculus, peonies, eucalyptus, and amaranthus. Our color palette was purple, blush, pink, peach and greens.

Step 2: Soak your floral foam. Never used floral foam? Don’t be intimidated. This tool is the major key to making a big wow arrangement. Floral foam is very absorbent and holds a lot of water.

Step 3: Cut your floral foam to size using foam filler to be sure the surface of your container is entirely covered for maximum arranging flexibility.

Step 4: Cut your flowers at a sharp angle and immediately place in the floral foam.

Step 5: Start with larger flowers and fill in with smaller accent flowers. Your arrangement can have more than one point of interest or focus. Don’t focus on total symmetry, but rather focus on balance.

Step 6: Use filler like eucalyptus and amaranthus last to not only fill gaps but create height and a hint of drama. (The good kind of drama.)

Step 7: With an arrangement like this centerpiece, budget roughly one hour for arranging time. Near perfection takes time, girl. And remember it is about YOUR version of perfect. If it looks perfect to you, then it is!

Amy Grill

Amy is a Midwest born Californian who fills her days bridging art, commerce, and technology with a smile and a wink. She loves weekend trips to Joshua Tree and is obsessed with quick layovers in far-flung places. She’s happiest when taking photographs, swimming in the ocean or adventuring in nature or cityscapes. She also digs spending quality time with her smart TV binge watching digital content.

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