How To Make Lavender Scented Candles
By Makeful

If you’re into essential oils, you’re probably already obsessed with lavender. It’s our favorite versatile scent! It’s used in everything from candles to cakes because obviously it smells and tastes delish. It is mostly popular for all of its soothing and believed tension calming properties, but an added bonus is it’s also one of the easiest florals to work with in DIY projects! We’re going to create some awesome DIY lavender scented candles that will make great gifts for all your friends, AND for you!

As much as the idea of creating your own candle from scratch can seem scary, we're here to tell you it's pretty easy! Once you've picked your scent (and what's better than lavender?!), you're nearly there!141a6935
Step 1: Heat soy wax chips in a microwave safe container for 1 minute according to package instructions. Stir and repeat until wax is melted through and smooth. It took us about 5 mins total to melt 16 oz of wax.
Step 2: Wash your glassware with soap and warm water and dry thoroughly. The glass has to be totally dry or the wax won’t stick.141a6939
Step 3: Dip wick clip in melted wax and press it down in the centre of the bottom of your glass. Tie the top of the wick around a skewer to rest on top of the glass.141a6998
Step 4: Mix your essential oil and lavender flower buds into the melted wax.141a7040
Step 5: Carefully fill each vessel about a third of the way up and let set about 10 minutes. Then fill ‘em up the rest of the way and let set until totally firm. It takes a couple hours at least for the wax to set thoroughly.141a7142141a7156
Step 6: When the candles are firm, trim the wicks right under the skewer. Viola!

Now you’re ready to draw a big ol’ bubble bath, put on some tunes, light your pretty new candle and indulge in some seriously relaxing aromatherapy. Ahhhh…


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