Chic DIY Succulent Terrariums
By Makeful

SO lately you’re seeing terrariums every which way you turn, right? Or is that just us? Either way, we're officially obsessed. Terrariums bring so much beauty to a space. It’s like a mini ecosystem in a pretty package! While you could easily pick up a terrarium already completed at the store, wouldn't you rather design a beautiful indoor garden yourself, complete with all of your favorite details?

  • glass terrarium
  • fishbowl, for an upcycled option!
  • 3-5 per terrarium variety of succulents and air plants
  • about 1 cup per terrarium potting soil
  • small rocks
  • sand
  • geode or other embellishments
  • colored moss

So first we ponder the question, what look do we want our terrarium to have? Bold colors or earthy greens? Succulents or air plants? Crystals? Colored moss? We want ALL OF THE THINGS. We’re about to make some creative choices to create two beautiful terrariums in different color palettes. Let's start creating!

First thing's first - select your terrarium. They come in so many different shapes, sizes and colors - pick the one you like best. For this project, we chose this round geometric terrarium with a medium size opening on top for our first one, and we're upcycling a fishbowl for our second. In our world - anything can become a terrarium!

Terrarium #1: Round Geometric Succulent Terrarium


  1. Large geometric glass terrarium
  2. Small Rocks
  3. Sand
  4. Variety of small succulents in a similar color scheme- available at the flower market or your local garden center- about 3-5 plants
  5. Geode or other embellishment

Step 1: Use river rocks to cover the bottom of the terrarium (this is for drainage purposes.)

Step 2: Cover the rocks with approximately 1 inch of potting soil.

Step 3: Shake the excess dirt from the succulents you’ve selected. We recommend two similar colored succulents and an air plant for this terrarium. Remember this key design rule: things look best in odd numbers.

Step 4: Place your plants.
Step 5: Fill the terrarium with potting soil. Use a spoon. You’ll be glad you did.

Step 6: Place your choice of colored moss.

Step 7: Select and place a piece of raw rose quartz or the crystal of your choice. Then marvel at your new fave decor piece!


Terrarium #2: Fishbowl Upcycle Terrarium

Next up, we're going upcycling! We're using a fishbowl (that you probably have sitting in a cabinet somewhere) and turning it into a terrarium. That betta fish may not have worked out but this terrarium certainly will.


  1. Fishbowl
  2. Small Rocks
  3. Sand
  4. Variety of succulents - 2 or 3
  5. Geode or other embellishment

Step 1: Place river rocks on the bottom.

Step 2: Cover the bottom with at least 1 inch of soil.
Step 3: Shake the excess dirt from the roots of your selected succulent.

Step 4: Place your succulents.

Step 5: Arrange the air plant in the terrarium and trim it to size.

Step 6: Put moss and your crystal in place. We went with a raw piece of vanadinite.

Take a step back and admire your work. You’ve created your own happy little world.



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