DIY Outdoor Wood Pallet Herb Garden
By Makeful

Herb gardens are the best way to have organic, pesticide-free herbs on hand. But if you’re not blessed with a backyard, you can still skip the farmer’s market and spend your Sunday sleeping in, thanks to this charming and compact herb garden pallet! It can be laid down flat, or propped upright against a wall if your living quarters are tight. Plus it adds a rustic cottage warmth to your décor! This project has the potential to get a little messy, so we recommend doing this one outdoors.

  • Wooden shipping pallet
  • Wood planks, 2 equaling the length of your pallet; 1 equaling the width
  • Plywood, cut to the same length and width as the pallet
  • drill
  • 10 cm wood screws
  • sanding block
  • tarp
  • Wood stain + brush
  • gloves
  • Rag
  • Scissors
  • Weed cloth
  • Staple gun
  • Potted herbs of your choice
  • Topsoil

Step 1: Drill the wood planks to the sides of the pallet to create a durable frame.

Step 2: Using your sand block, sand down the top of the pallet thoroughly.

Step 3: It might get messy, so time to lay down your tarp! Place the pallet on top. Put some gloves on and add a coat of dark stain to the wood. Using a rag, thoroughly rub off any excess stain.

Step 4: Once the stain has dried, flip the pallet back over. Take your weed cloth and roll it over the back of the pallet, so it’s completely covered.

Step 5: Use your scissors to cut the weed cloth down to the same size as your pallet. Use your staple gun to secure the cloth in place.

Step 6: Place the plywood over the weed cloth. Securely screw it in place with the drill: be sure to screw down the sides as well, not just the corners. Once that’s done, flip the pallet back to right side up.

Step 7: Pour some topsoil into the pallet and start planting between the slats! Make sure to add more topsoil as needed to ensure that the herbs are fully rooted in the dirt.

Step 8: Keep track of which herbs are which by using a paintbrush and some white paint to label them in some pretty cursive writing!

This pallet garden will have you so excited to get cooking. It’s convenient, environmentally friendly, and not to mention pretty to boot! If you loved this DIY and are looking to make it yourself, make sure to show us and tag us on social at @BeMakeful


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