The Wedding Beauty Prep Timeline You Need to Know


Whether you’re a low-key natural or all-in perfectionist when it comes to bridal beauty, be sure to consult this timetable of popular treatments at least a few months before your wedding!

If you’re getting married this year, it’s time to start thinking about—and booking appointments for—your bridal beauty prep. The days when having a makeup and hair test would be considered sufficient are long gone; now, it’s not unusual for brides to start altering and boosting their beauty routines weeks in advance, the same way runners will begin training for a race or marathon long before the big day.

6-8 weeks before the wedding

If you want to be in top physical shape, or simply look more toned or limber for the big day, sign up as soon as possible for a boot camp or fitness class that’s more intense than your usual gym routine. A few months before the wedding is also a good time to look into laser hair removal—if it’s something you’ve always wanted to have done—and semi-permanent procedures like microblading, which can take a few weeks to heal, and brow and eyelash tinting.

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A month before…

Whether or not you’re planning on an updo, book a haircut or trim four weeks before the wedding, so your ends are neat but not freshly shorn. This is also a good time to colour or highlight your hair, especially if you’re looking to make a drastic change or go several shades lighter. More potent facial or skin treatments—those that involve lasers, chemical peels, microblading or microdermabrasion—should also be done at least a month out to give your skin sufficient time to recover.


1 week before…

Book a shaping appointment with your brow specialist for one week before the nuptials, and see if you can fit in a final, less-invasive facial to help your skin glow and be break out-free. Buy and use a strong at-home teeth whitening kit, fancy masks for your face and hair, and definitely spend some time exfoliating and moisturizing everywhere this week.  

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A few days before…

To celebrate the home stretch, and release some of that wedding-planning tension, a relaxing massage is highly recommended right before your big day. While you’re at the spa, you can also get any necessary waxing done now, as well as a full-body spray tan to even out your skin tone or hide existing tan lines for wedding photos.

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The day before…

Lash extensions can last up to eight weeks, but getting them done the day before means they’ll definitely be in peak shape and fullness for your nuptials. Same with your manicure and pedicure, if you want to have freshly polished nails. Splurge on gel polish and a paraffin wax treatment, and your nails will still look great by the time you’re back from your honeymoon.