10 stylish ways to store your bike indoors

Awkward item, meet awkward storage space

Out on the road, bikes are everything you need them to be: sleek, fast, and versatile. But bring one into your home, and suddenly it’s transformed into the most awkward and unwieldy item you own. A bike’s beautiful but irregular shape doesn’t exactly lend itself to regular storage solutions like stacking or tucking away in a cupboard. However, there are ways to store your bike indoors—and not just store it, but display it like the beautiful art object it is. So if you’ve got a bike awkwardly taking up a corner of your home, here are a few storage solutions that will make your life easier and a bit more stylish.

1. This simple hanging shelf is made of walnut, which makes it look organic while also remaining clean and minimal.

2. Designer Manuel Rossel created this ingenious and gorgeous shelving unit that incorporates your bike into your living room furniture. You can buy one here. Alternately, with a little ingenuity, this is definitely DIY-able.


3. Storing one bike is tricky enough, but what if you have two? Design studio Quarterre has solved the problem simply and elegantly with its bamboo branchline stand.

4. Got vertical space? This one’s for all the loft-dwellers out there. Don’t lose valuable floor real estate storing your bike. Instead, hang it from the ceiling. There are lots of ways to do it, but the simplest way is to install a couple of hooks. Easy.

5. To avoid knocking things over, it’s best to keep your bikes in an area where you won’t be walking around, such as under the stairs. This space is generally a bit tough to make good use of, so hanging a bike there is ideal. Awkward item, meet awkward storage space. It’s a perfect match.

6. Some people like bikes, some people love them, but then there are those who are obsessed. For the person with bike mania, what better storage rack than one itself made out of pieces of a bike? This is another simple but effective hanging rack idea that evokes a mounted animal head, but with much more appealing materials.

7. For the true minimalist, this stand consists of nothing more than a couple of wooden pegs. You can get it from the Etsy shop Fluoshop

8. The classic hanging bike hook is one of the easiest and best ways to store a bike. This industrial-looking twist on the original design uses a metal pipe for the hook. You can get yours from BLRDesign on Etsy.

9. Here’s one we haven’t seen before. This tiny shelf holds a bike by the seat, making for easy hanging and removal. This hanger, known as Shelfie, was started on Kickstarter and made more than twice its funding goal. Not bad.

10. Storage solutions tend to be minimal, using hard, straight lines, but the Peri bike rack dispenses with that motion. This smooth-flowing, ornate bike rack can be used just about anywhere, and it’s as simple yet beautifully designed as your bike itself.