2 Unconventional Bow Ideas

Let’s face it, people. Store bought bows can be a real bore. And more interesting package bows can be pricey. So, we’ve dreamt up a few holiday bow alternatives for your precious packages. These 2 ideas were brought to you by winter, spiked hot cocoa, fuzzy robes and general holiday cheer. One idea is inspired by a jingle bell winter scape and the other by candy canes!

 Step 1: Wrap your box in white banner paper, oh so minimal. This white paper is a potential canvas for so much imagination. These are 2 of the ideas we came up with but there are endless possibilities including but not limited to gold pine cones, even glitter pinecones, and Christmas balls each mixed with ribbons matching your winter scape of choice. Use the white ribbon to create two continuous loops over each corner of the box. Create this continuous loop so you can tape both ends of the same ribbon portion together seamlessly. It may sound confusing, but if you work with your ribbon you’ll see how the seamless loop possibility is real. It feels good when you get it right. We promise. Reference the above picture as needed.

Step 2: Cut 3 pieces of red curling ribbon to match the length of your one continuous white ribbon. Tape the ends of all 3 red ribbons at the base of the white ribbon as a guide. Lead each red ribbon across your continuous loop and space evenly.

Step 3: Tape all three strands on the other end of the white ribbon. Candy Cane effect in full force.

Cute and ready for Santa to deliver.


NOW let’s create a jingle bells inspired wonderland. Yes, really. It’s possible to make this dream a reality with a few bell ornaments and washi tape. Ok, let’s DIY this.

Step 1: Ok. You’ve got your wrapped box in white. This snowy winter scape is the perfect pairing for silver bells and foil (washi) tape.

Step 2: You can experiment (have fun!) with the number of silver bells you use and where you place the silver foil tape. We’ve laid out a modern classic look that’s relatively easy to achieve given you’ve got a somewhat steady hand when laying down the washi tape. It looks best when the foil tape lays in a straight line, but if you aren’t into straight lines, you do you. Since the foil tape is not very sticky, you can gingerly remove and reapply as you create your final looks.

So many possibilities but this one turned out to be an icy stunner. And again, there are so many possibilities, especially if you buy a variety of foil washi tape. And even if you don’t do it, isn’t it pretty to look at? Kind of like I love staring at my Christmas tree while its all lit up. So good.