3 Ways to Step Up Your Slides

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This summer, slides are going to be our number one weapon of choice when it comes to making sure our outfits are in gear. However, getting the perfect slide or sandal can come with a hefty price, but if you make it yourself, that is a whole 'nother story. On this episode of Slide Hustle, Enocha will show you how to turn any boring and affordable slides into something that is high end and ready for the 'gram. Ready? Let's slide on over to making these babies.

CHAIN LINK METALLIC SLIDESSTEP 1: First, you will want to start with a pair a plain metallic slides. Grabbing your chain link, measure the chain link to the top of part of the slide.

STEP 2: When you have notes how long your link should be to go horizontally across your show, add one extra link and break it using a plier.

STEP 3: Using industrial glue, glue a line on the area that you want to glue the chain. Make sure to straighten out your chain to how you want to place it on the shoe, because it can get it little twisted in the process of breaking the links. Place the link flat on top of the glue.

STEP 4: Repeat steps 1-3 for all the other links until you have covered the entire slide.


STEP 1: First step for these slides is to measure the fur against the slides with the inside facing out, so you can make a mark on the fabric of where you want to cut with a white or gold marker. The area you trace on the fabric should measure up to the entire top part of the slide.

STEP 2: Push the fur in the opposite direction of where you will be cutting so there are no awkward edges on the fur. Using fabric scissors, begin cutting along the line you had traced in step 1.

STEP 3: Using your industrial glue, cover the entire top part of the slide so you can attach the fur fabric on the side. Making sure that the fur is facing in a downward direction of the slide, attach one edge and begin adding the entire fabric neatly on the slide.

STEP 4: Push the fur upward and begin giving your shoe a little haircut. Make sure to give it a natural cut, not a straight-edge cut so it looks a little more professional rather than DIY (even though you did make it yourself). Cut off any excess fabric that is coming from the sides as well, and you’re done!PINK PEARL SUEDE SLIDES

STEP 1: Using craft pearls (that have a flat surface on one side), grab one pearl with you tweezer.

STEP 2: Add industrial strength glue to the flat surface of the pearl and add them on to your slides. Repeat the same process for all of your other slides, but make sure that when you’re adding them to your slide, they are placed in a pattern that will definitely give them the store-bought look. Although we are doing DIYs here, we always make to make sure that retail outlets can be a little envious of our designs!

And that’s it – three easy ways to turn your slides into amazing pieces that will have your friends asking “where did you get those?”

If you want to try to make any of these slides yourself this weekend, let us and Miss Enocha know by tagging us @MissEnocha and @BeMakeful and using #SlideHustle!

  • black faux leather slides
  • pink suede slides
  • pink metallic slides
  • confectioners sugar
  • fur fabric
  • embellishment pearls
  • industrial glue
  • plier
  • fabric scissors
  • tweezers
  • gold marker