8 Easy Ornaments You Can Make Yourself


Whether on a tree or off, ornaments can make a statement. Unfortunately, they can also come with a high price tag. That is, unless you make it yourself. And you might be surprised to see how easy making a classy looking ornament you'll treasure for years can be.

1. Minimalist Ornaments

diyombrebwminimalIt seems everything has a theme, including Christmas trees. And while this ornament might not be the perfect fit for everyone, for the minimalist – or the monochromatic fan – it might be just what you’re looking for. (Read as: I can see the instagram posts now!)

2. Non-traditional Christmas Ornaments


Keeping in the theme of, “those aren’t Christmas colors!” are these little darlings. The thing about DIY is that you can make it your own, though, so if you’d like to be more traditional, you can definitely do that.

3 . Pastel and Gold Ornaments


It really is amazing what you can do with a clear ornament and a little paint, take these ornaments. And with not much effort, you can again, match any theme. Or come up with a new one.

4. Temporary Tatoo Ornaments


Speaking of coming up with a new one, have 10 minutes and a few temporary tattoos? Then these ornaments could soon be hanging on your tree (or wherever you hang ornaments).

5. Gold Personalized Ornaments


Growing up, we had ornaments on the tree that spelled our names in glitter. This is a much classier version. And just think of all the other things you could say with these ornaments?

6. Gold Leaf Ornaments


Want more gold? Of course, you do. Greensleeves? Gold leaf. You’re welcome.

7. Glitter Dust Ornaments


Something about the phrase “glitter dust filled balls” makes me itchy thinking about the mess that might go into making these gems, but the finished product looks like so much fun!

8. Sprinkles Ornaments


And finally, because sprinkles are the new glitter, Sprinkles Ornaments! Think of them as a great – and unique – use for all the leftover sprinkles after holiday baking. (Or a use for sprinkles if baking isn’t your thing!)