Astrological Elements Essential Oil Blends

If you're an astrology buff like we are, then you know what it's like to find ways to attribute everything based on your astrology sign. The minute you meet someone, you're asking what day they were born and what their rising sign is. Also, with the full solar eclipse coming in hot later this month, it's only right we do a DIY inspired by the alignment of the moon and stars with this astrological essential oil blends to keep you and your friends smelling fresh.

For this DIY, we wanted to make 4 different scents for the four astrological elements that you could make for yourself and for your friends who are proud of their astrological element sign! See how in a few easy steps you can make this yourself!

For each of the elements use the essential oils as noted below:

FIRE: Sweet magnolia and orange essential oils

EARTH: Sandalwood and vanilla essential oils

WATER: Tuberose and lavender essential oils

AIR: Orchid blossom and tuberose essential oils

STEP 1: For each of the oil blends that you are creating for each element, add 10 drops of each oil into your atomizer perfume bottle.

STEP 2: Using a separate dropper, fill the bottle to the top with water. Close with a bottle top and mix well.

STEP 3: Print out our free labels here for each of the different scents you’ve created, or make your own! This template works well on 2 x 4 mailing labels, but make sure to cut them to fit on the bottle.

STEP 4: Add your labels to each of the bottles, and you’re ready to use them or gift them to your loved ones!

Such an easy DIY to make for yourself or share with your friends! If you liked this and are going to make it yourself, make sure to share with us @BeMakeful!