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You can’t get more classic than chocolate and peanut butter – so let’s spice things up a bit by trying a new equally tasty combo: chocolate and tahini! Show off your culinary skills with this Chocolate Tahini Butter Cup Pie -- the flavor pairings leave you with a show-stopping dessert that is vegan, velvety, and unbelievably rich.



























1 kg graham cracker cereal

⅓ cup 90 mL melted vegan butter


12oz  firm silken tofu, cubed and patted dry

½ cup = tahini (toasted sesame butter)

1 ¾ cup  coconut whipped cream

⅓ cup  maple syrup or agave

1 tsp 10 mL vanilla extract

Pinch  mineral salt


1/2 cup full fat coconut milk

1 cup semisweet dairy free chocolate chips


STEP 1: We’re going to make the crust first, so preheat your oven to 190 degrees C. Lightly oil a glass pie pan.

STEP 2: Add your graham cracker cereal to a food processor and blend until it’s loose and crumbly. Add your vegan butter and pulse until it’s blended.

STEP 3: Add your buttery graham crackers to the pan. Use your fingers to mold it down into a crust.

STEP 4: Bake for 10 minutes or until golden brown.

STEP 5: While your crust is cooling, let’s make the filling. In your food processor, add the tofu, tahini, coconut whipped cream, maple syrup, vanilla, and a pinch of salt. Whip it all up in the food processor until it’s light and creamy.

STEP 6: Pour your tahini butter filling into your pie crust, and use a spatula to spread it evenly to the edges.

STEP 7: Stick your pie in the freezer to chill – about 1 hour. We want it to be slightly firm, not frozen.

STEP 8: Now we’re going to prepare the chocolate ganache, so add your chocolate chips to a bowl.  

STEP 9: Heat your coconut milk to a low simmer. Pour over your chocolate chips, and let sit for a few minutes to melt.

STEP 10:  Whisk gently until it becomes smooth and fully melted.

STEP 11:  Once your pie is finished chilling, remove it from the freezer, and use a spatula to spread the chocolate topping over the pie. Place it back in the freezer for about 30 minutes, so the chocolate can set.

Sweet and creamy – the perfect indulgence for a hot summer day! If you liked this recipe – make sure to let us know and tag us and Liv @BeMakeful and @ItsLivB on Instagram to show us your creations!