DIY Cabinet Pull Coat Hanger Upcycle

When we're headed out the door, we want to have the three pat pocket check down to make sure we have all the things we need before we're out and about. However, without a coat hanger, we were missing the fourth pat down for our jacket and purses before we headed out the door. Luckily, with this quick and easy DIY for a customized cabinet pull coat hanger that we created with a few supplies from the hardware store, you'll have all your things ready before you head out!

For something so useful, this was a great project to do to get our hands a little dirty and practice some drilling. With this project, we got everything we needed at the hardware store, so with our shopping list, you’re good to go without having to make many trips to different stores.

Step 1: Start off by measuring where you want to place the cabinet pulls on the wood plank. We started off 4 inches away from the edge and left a 4 inch distance between each drawer pull on the center of the plank. With a marker, make a mark of where you will be drilling on the plank.

Step 2: Grab your power drill and a 1/8 inch drill bit to drill into the marks that you made onto the plank. Make sure the drill goes all the way through the plank.

Step 3: Time to paint! Using your color of choice, begin to paint your plank with acrylic paint. We aimed for a more minimal and clean monochromatic look, so we went straight for white. Make sure to paint both sides and the edges too! Also, don’t be afraid to paint with angles too, similar to our spice rack storage hack we did not so long ago!

Step 4: While you wait for the plank to dry, it’s time to paint your drawer pulls! Similar to the way that we painted our canvases last week, we applied the same paint splatter technique to adding accents to the drawer pulls. Using the same paint that we used for the plank, we dipped our paint brush in the paint and then dipped the brush in a little bit of water. Shake off some of the excess water, and aim your brush to the cabinet pulls. Begin hitting your hand holding the brush to make the paint splatter over them. Continue this process until you are content with the amount of paint that lands on the cabinet pulls.

Step 5: Wait approximately 20-30 minutes for the plank and the drawer pulls to dry completely. If you’re feeling impatient, just grab a hair dryer to make them both dry faster!

Step 6:
Once the plank is dry, grab the screws that came in with the drawer pulls and place them in on the back side of the plank. Since it might be a little tight, we suggest using the power drill to screw them in with ease.

Step 7: With your plank still facing down, grab two sawtooth hangers and place then evenly on both sides on the backside of the plank. With a hammer, nail them down until they are secured to the plank.

Step 8: Almost done! After you’ve made sure that your cabinet pulls are completely dry , you can begin screwing in the pulls to the screws that you placed on the plank. You can leave them straight as squares on the plank, but we decided to give it a slightly different look by screwing them in at an angle.

Step 9: After you have nailed two nails to the wall where you want to place the coat hanger, you’re ready to go and style away! We put it next to this a side table with our super cute ring dishes we made to place some of our coins and our keys in. Place your jacket and your clutch or purse, and you’re good to go!

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