DIY Color Block Ikea Spice Rack Storage Hack

We love an awesome DIY that upgrades our space without breaking our piggy banks. While we're being bosses and working towards our dream homes, some of us have to deal with less than spacious kitchen situations. Especially when it comes to storage! If you're in the same boat, here's an easy spice rack hack that will free up precious counter and cabinet space while adding a chic pop of color to your walls.

These spice racks from Ikea are so versatile; they can hold and display SO much more than just spices. Plus, they’re made of unfinished wood which makes them super easy to upgrade with just a little bit of paint. And, at $4 each, how can you say no to a an afforable DIY? Now, let’s free up some of that counter space for you.

Step 1: Use tape to create a diagonal line across the middle of the spice rack. Cut a small piece of tape to line up with the base tape line and wrap it around the front rod. It’s easiest to eyeball where the rod’s line should go if you’re looking at the rack straight on.

Step 2: Paint half of your spice rack brushing away from the tape. If you paint towards the tape, you run the risk of wet paint seeping underneath the tape and messing up that perfect line. We decided to go with a pastel color scheme but you can do whatever you please! We also switched up the side that was painted to give our wall a more varied look.

Step 3: Let the paint dry completely. If you get impatient (like we did) you can use a hair dryer to speed up the process.

Step 4: Once the paint is completely dry, slowly peel back the tape to reveal those awesome, clean color block lines. So pretty!

Step 5: Instead of using the racks for spices alone, you can use them as vertical storage on a wall or on the sides of kitchen cupboards, freeing up precious cabinet and countertop space! Show off your cookbook collection, add pretty glasses to hold your cutlery, and even attach clip-on hooks to hang pretty dish towels. Pro Tip: if you can’t find a clip-on hook, shower curtain hanger clips work great, too!

We love our awesome new spice rack shelves! They’re substantial enough that they can hold a significant amount of kitchen tools, but shallow enough to be out of the way and keep your kitchen looking clean and streamlined. Plus, they’re a crazy cost effective upgrade.

Oh Ikea, you’ve done it again you saucy minx.

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