DIY Dyed Cotton Copper Magazine Rack

Safe to say we have an obsession for making dope copper projects. We've made everything from a copper pipe clothes rack, to a light fixture, to even a dog bowl holder. Now, we decided we needed a home for all of our latest magazines and make our very own copper pipe magazine rack to style them in. With a combination of copper details and a tie dyed cloth to hold the magazines in, this was one of the DIYs we were very happy to make look elevated with a small budget. See how in a few steps, you can make it too!

STEP 1: For this project, you will want to start out with a few copper pipes from your local hardware store, some copper elbows, and of course, a copper pipe cutter. You will want to cut two 10 inch copper pieces and six 12 inch copper pieces to assemble your copper pipe holder.

STEP 2: Next, you will want to dye your cotton fabric. You can dye it whichever way you like, however, we dyed it by first wrapping it to give it a simple pattern. Pinch your fabric from the middle and using a rubber band or string, begin wrapping it completely. This process is very forgiving, so feel free to do it whichever way you’d like.

STEP 3: Using a large container, mix your box of blue dye with hot water, and dip in your cotton fabric. Let it soak for 10 minutes and remove it. Once you’ve removed it, remove the string or rubber band to unwrap the cotton fabric. Once you unwrap the fabric, you will see your amazing pattern! Make sure to let it sit out to dry outside as well!

STEP 4: As your dyed cotton is drying, begin assembling your copper pipe rack. Using three of the 12 inch copper pipes, join them together in a U-formation using copper elbows. Make sure to glue them together when attaching them using super glue or industrial glue. Repeat this for the other three 12 inch copper pipes.

STEP 5: For your two 10 inch copper pieces, attach two copper pipes to both ends, making sure they both face in the same direction.

STEP 6: Next, add your U-shaped copper pipes to each of the 10 inch copper pipes, so the 10 inch copper pipes are based on the floor lifting the U-shaped connections up. Now your copper assembly is done!

STEP 7: Once your dyed cotton has dried, make sure to iron it out to remove any wrinkles and to make it look as elevated as possible.

STEP 8: Begin measuring the cotton fabric to your copper pipes to see where exactly your placement should be. Once you know where the place the fabric, place fabric glue one side of the fabric and fold over the excess to the glue. Repeat on the other side, and flatten down the fabric to secure the fabric glue onto the cotton.

STEP 9: Let the fabric glue dry, and add your magazines!

And just like that, you’re done with your brand new dyed cotton copper magazine rack! This was such an easy project to do, and such a great addition to any living room! Feel free to change the color based on your living room’s color palette too!

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