DIY Marble Moon Phase Hair Accessories

Fly me to the moon! You might not think of May 18 as a special date in the year, but there's definitely reason to celebrate; it's a full moon tonight, and if you follow the stars, you know that means there's some good stuff on the horizon. (We checked our horoscope this morning just to double check.) We're celebrating the full moon rising with this easy and delicate bobby pin or comb design. Turn your extra bobbies and barrettes into an eye-catching moon phase hairpin set with a little bit of DIY magic.

Confession. Ever since I got my first subscription to Seventeen magazine when I was in middle school, I have been obsessed with reading my horoscope. I still do it to this day, and while I don’t necessarily believe that the stars have a huge sway over our lives, I  do still think it’s super fun to read about what I should pay attention to in my life and use my horoscope as a kind of personal advice column.

A few weeks ago during the new moon, we made a DIY moon phase wall hanging using a chic copper rod and some hand marbled clay. If you follow astrology like me, you already know that new moons are known as a time for reflection on your past and setting goals for your future. Full moons, on the other hand, are all about the payoff and seeing those goals come to fruition! Yes, please. When we made those moons for our wall hanging, we had a little bit of clay left over. But rather than toss it out, we decided to make some marble mini-moons and use them to upgrade our plain ol’ bobby pins into a delightfully delicate moon phase hair ornament.

Step 1: Combine your white, silver, and black clay by twisting and rolling continuously until you get a marble effect. The more you twist and roll, the more combined the colors become. But if you only do it once or twice, there will be more “veins” in the marble and the colors will be more separated.

Step 2: Place your ball of clay between two sheets of parchment paper and roll it out into a flat, even pancake. Use a large pen cap (like one for a thick highlighter, or a dry erase marker) to create 5 small circles about 3/4-inch in diameter. Keep one circle whole, then use the pen cap to two into half moons, and finally two more into quarter moons. Bake at 350° for 10 minutes (or according to your clay package’s instructions) and pop them in the fridge afterward for about 5 minutes to set them quickly.

Step 3: Use hot glue to attach each moon to the end of a bobby pin. Be sure to use the flat side of the pin and not the wavy one. You can also use the edge of a hair comb for your moons; they have them for about a dollar in the hair section at any drug store. PRO TIP: It’s helpful to lay the moons out beforehand so you know which way they need to be facing when you glue them to each pin!

Once your glue has dried you’re ready to pin away! Gather your strands in a low bun or a french twist and secure them with your beautiful, magical new hair accessories. Wear these as a nice reminder to use the full moon energy to get inspired to go out there and make some magic happen!

Show us your dainty duds by giving us a shoutout @BeMakeful! Oh, and if you’re as into the faux-marble look as we are, be sure to check out our posts on DIY clay marble coasters, and how to hand paint faux marble to upgrade your coffee table!