DIY Princess Canopy Pet Bed | Pet Projects

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Sometimes we gotta treat our pets like royalty, and today on Pet Projects, we're gonna show you how it's done. This DIY pet bed is fit for royalty, and we know your fur baby will love it.

STEP 1: Start with an end table painted in the color you prefer. We went with white since white goes with pretty much any decor scheme! Flip the table over so the legs are pointing towards the ceiling.

STEP 2: Place your 2-inch thick piece of foam in the bottom of your flipped end table. Use a pen to mark where you’ll need to cut to make the foam fit perfectly in the base, then use scissors to cut the foam down to size. Don’t forget the corners!

STEP 3: Lay your pillowcase fabric out pattern side up. It’s going to fold in half so don’t worry that it looks long! Cut two pieces of fabric fusing tape and iron them onto the edges of the fabric. You’ll know the tape is the right temperature when the paper starts to peel off the tape. Remove the paper strip, then fold the fabric over onto itself and iron the edges one more time, fusing the edges together. Let cool for about 2 minutes to let the tape set.

STEP 4: Once the edges are done, turn the pillowcase inside out so the patterned side of the fabric is on the outside. Slide the foam square in and add a little pillow batting for extra comfy-ness. Your pooch deserves the best!

STEP 5: To seal the pillowcase, run a line of E6000 glue along the inside edge of the remaining open edge of the pillowcase and fold the fabric over onto the bottom of the pillow, tucking the raw edge on the underside of the base. When you place the finished pillow inside the bottom of the bed you should see no raw edges!

STEP 6: Finally, it’s time to add the pretty princess canopy! Take your first fabric and lay it on top of the table legs, leaving the front side open. Repeat with your second fabric. Then take your finials and glue them on top to secure the fabric in place. Use plenty of glue to make sure it sticks.

And there you have it! A bed fit for your pretty puppy princess!

If you liked this DIY and are going to create it for your furry friend, let us know! Tag us @BeMakeful using #PetProjects and let us know how yours turned out!