Easy DIY Boozy Tote Bag

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If you love wine like us, then you know happy hour is every hour. With this sassy and discreet tote, which conveniently holds a boxed wine pouch, you’re set to go with just tossing it over your shoulder and heading off to the beach, BYOB barbecue, or your friend's chic sunny rooftop. A stylish addition to your outfit, all the while doing double-duty as a winsome wine satchel. Skip the line of overpriced cocktails at that music festival and treat yourself in the shade – with none the wiser!

STEP 1: Begin by marking out where your wine bag spout will go. Place your cardboard box inside the leather bag to prop it up. Using your craft knife, make a horizontal mark 2 inches from the edge for the spout. Add a vertical incision over it to create a cross. Cut out a circle around the cross. Remove the circle and the cardboard box from the bag.

STEP 2: Insert your towel into the bag. Cover the hole with a patch, and sew the top of it to the leather.

STEP 3: Glue the rest of your favorite patches on the bag and spread them out evenly to your liking. Continue until it’s bedazzled to your heart’s content. Remove the towel from the bag.

STEP 4: Insert the wine into the leather bag, pushing the spout through the hole under the batch.

Now toss in some wine glasses, and head out and about! Feeling like treating yourself on the go? Pull out a glass and take a sip! Enjoy responsibly!