Embroidery w/ Colleen Rau | The Creative Lab

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When I was coming up with ideas for this show, my first thought was "hmm, what am I the worst at?" Answer: Embroidery. Definitely Embroidery. Luckily, expert Colleen Rau is agreed to come into the Creative Lab to teach me how to embroider some cute, easy designs!

I found Colleen Rau through her Etsy shop WeeniesEmbroidery and she agreed to teach me how to make a super cute embroidered thumbs up. Embroidery is super trendy these days so I was excited (and a little nervous tbh) to get started!

We started by tracing our pattern onto the fabric and then setting it up in the little halo. So far so good! Then I had to thread a needle. Don’t judge guys, it’s a lot harder than it sounds. But then Colleen showed me how to use a nifty needle threader tool and my mind was blown. That’s why she’s the profesh, guys.

Once we had our needle and thread ready to go, we got to stitchin’! We used something called a back stitch where you poke the needle through from underneath and then send it back through into the pattern so it joins the stitches into one long string. Kinda like one step forward, one step back. We kept stitching along the pattern until we finished! So much easier than I thought it was gonna be!

I thought I was done and then- just kidding, NOPE- Colleen set me straight. You have to glue the back of the stitching so it’s secured to the fabric and then cover the whole thing with a piece of felt. NOW we’re finished! And all without a single accidental stab in the face. Thumbs WAY up, you guys.

Be sure to check out Colleen Krau’s websiteFacebook, and Instagram! And don’t forget to tag us on Instagram @bemakeful using #creativelab and show me what you came up with!

Be sure to check out Colleen Krau’s websiteFacebook, and Instagram!