Essential Tools for Modern DIY-ers

The options are endless when it comes to all of the cool tools available for DIY-ers of all stripes and skill levels. So we thought it would be helpful to make a list of oh so essential tools we cannot live without when it comes to unleashing our inner creative goddesses as we DIY project our way through the days.

1. The numero uno tool you need to have in your crafter’s arsenal: a pair of kick-ass scissors. There are oh-so-many kinds of scissors to play with (we’re getting there, promise) but you MUST have a sharp pair of regular paper cutting scissors. Helpful Hint: Don’t cut anything sticky with them, or if you do, clean them off right afterward. They’ll last WAY longer.

Old scissors, buttons, threads on a wooden table
2. Think fabric scissors are just for your grandma’s sewing circle? Think again, lady! Fabric scissors can be used for oh-so-much more than sewing. From bunting flags, to upcyling old sweaters,  it’s essential to have a pair of these babies around.


3. Regular paper scissors are fantastic, but sometimes you need something a little more specific for those intricate cut-outs or hard-to-reach corners. Enter the detail scissor! Those tiny blades make it super easy to perfectly cut out the most detailed of patterns.


4. No matter how steady your hand is, it is impossible to cut a perfectly straight line with a normal pair of scissors. But my Type-A Heart just sings when I use a straightedge paper trimmer and I get that PERFECT-O straight line. Ahhhh…

canon-printer5. A great printer and scanner are a must for any crafter who wants to take their photo projects to the next level. We recommend spending the dough and getting an inkjet printer. It’s super fast, you don’t have to buy ink as often, and you can make super cool stuff with the prints like this wood transfer photo project!

DIY Entertaining by The Sweetest Occasion

6. Girl, your life is about to get SO much easier…Spray advesive is gonna be your best friend. It goes on evenly, no messy brushes or clean up, just spray on a coat and BOOM. An even, sticky surface awaits your (urgent?) glittery needs.

Copyright © 2013 by Ginger Davis Allman The Blue Bottle Tree, all rights reserved.
7. Need the surface to be a little stickier or have a sealed finish coat? Mod podge is the answer! Mod podge is great for sealing things like photos or a higher volume of glitter onto surfaces. It can coat a large area evenly and provides a lot of hold. Plus you can get specific about where you paint it so things only stick were you want ’em. Bonus: it’s water based, so, easy clean-up.

gluegun8. Hot glue is crafting glue on ‘roids. Have something a little heavier or bulkier that you want to stay put? Hot glue. Have a surface that stuff doesn’t normally stick to? Hot glue. Need your project to dry super duper fast? Hot glue. It’s easy to get addicted.

DIY for lyfe.