Our Favorite Candy Minimalist Instagrams


Matt Crump's movement to combine minimalist composition with vibrant candy colors has taken the Instagram world by storm, and we cannot get enough! If you're looking to brighten your feeds/days/lives, may we suggest these accounts we're loving:

1. Matt Crump

We love the way Matt Crump frames an image with minimalist precision. His whimsical pops and palettes of pastels and brights make us swoon.

2. Sophia Loghman

Sophie Loghman is our favorite queen of color. If you’re into pink, her Instagram feed is going to give you LIFE.

3. Ramzi Masri

Ramzi Masri has a mesmerizing way with rainbows. It feels a little bit Lisa Frank inspired, but totally refined and original. And we just can’t get enough.

4. Juj

I mean (!!!) Juj‘s simply divine (or divinely simple?) composition is drool-worthy and oh so inspiring. Major chic vibes happening here.

5. Natasha

Who knew something like ramen noodles or hot dogs could be so adorable? Natasha of Violet Tinder Studios. She uses candy – and candy colors – in delightful ways that have us majorly in love.

6. Leslie Schneider

Leslie Schneider makes the ordinary extraordinary with her color palette. Combined with her use of props, architecture, and street art, this window into her world is bright and inviting.

7.  Rachel Hinderliter

Rachel Hinderliter‘s use of bold, vibrant colors makes each image pop. From lollipops to office supplies, I want to see all the little things in life through this lens.

8. Marjorie Lacombe

There is something about the pastel tones of Marjorie Lacombe’s feed that we find calming and oh so beautiful. The subtlety and simplicity are elegant, and she has a way of pulling the eye exactly where she wants it to go, entertaining it along the way.