Fun Advent Calendar | 12 DIYs of Christmas

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On this DIY of Christmas, Molly from Almost Makes Perfect shows us how to make a super fun advent calendar, filled with yummy treats behind each ornament. You can add these little bright balls to your tree as the countdown to Christmas continues. Wait how many shopping days do we have left?! Oh wait, this is an advent calendar not a shopping days calendar.

Follow along with Almost Makes Perfect to learn how you can make one for you and your roomies, or your fam, or all of the above! However you roll, we’re with you.

Step 1: Paint your plywood (or leave it raw and rustic- whatever goes with your house best!).

Step 2: Start laying out your envelopes on your plywood to get an idea of how you want to organize it. The possibilities are endless; you could do straight lines, you could place them haphazardly around the board- have fun with it, girl.

Step 3: Once you have an idea of what you want your calendar to look like, measure it out to make sure everything is even (if that’s what you’re going for). Start by gluing your envelopes onto the plywood, making sure the flap side is facing up. You want to be able to get to that candy!

Step 4: Hammer a small gold nail over the center of each envelope so your ornaments hang in front of your envelope.

Step 5: Add your number stickers over each nail. Place a piece of gelt inside each envelope and voilá- a super cute homemade advent calendar for you to enjoy all season long.

We want to see your take on this project; share with us by tagging @bemakeful on Instagram and use #MakefulHoliday. Let the countdown begin!