Girls’ Guide to Agendas

Ok, let's get nerdy for a second. Did you know that studies show you're more likely to follow through with a goals or tackle tasks if you physically write it down? Check out these awesome 2017 planners we found that target different needs and personalities while helping you find a method for your own personal brand of madness. Here's to 2017, ladies! Let's all do amazing things (separately) together. Yessssssssss, PLEASE.

rifleplanner-20171. If you like your stuff to match, Rifle Paper Co is a one-stop-shop for all things ‘office’. They have a boatload of beautiful (and perhaps a bit girly) planner options, but one thing that sets them apart is their matching office supplies like file folders, sticky notes, and notepads. BAM. Suddenly your office game is on point.


2. The best word to describe’s planners is: FUN. Pure, unadulterated, colorful, creative FUN. Besides having clever and cute cover designs to choose from, this planner comes with stickers and coloring pages for your inner kid, pockets for your inner coupon clipper, and even a secret code for your inner ‘Harriet the Spy’.


3. eatWELL from inkWELL press
We featured the 2017 LiveWELL planner from inkWELL press in our Gift Guide for the Creative, but we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to feature another planner from the inkWELL family; the eatWELL planner. This planner makes planning meals SO FREAKIN’ EASY with places for grocery lists as well as a weekly meal schedule. To top it off, it’s small, light, and easy to throw in any bag on your way to the grocery store. We’ll take one please.

katespade34. Kate Spade is one of those brands that perfectly toes the line between ‘grown up’ and ‘girly girl’. Their planners are streamlined, clean, and simple to use and still have little embellishments throughout. Kate Spade planners have personality while remaining totally professional. Just like you.


5. Day Designer is all about helping you see the bigger picture in planning your time, and your life path. Yes, this planner has all the traditional places to write down your daily schedule, your to-do lists, important contacts, and all that jazz. But the coolest thing about Day Designer it that it also has places to write down your life goals so you can plan your time with intention and purpose. It has inspirational quotations printed throughout, charts and exercises to help you set priorities and basically live your best life. Bonus feature: printables are available online for things like entertaining and thank-you note reminders. Ooooooh how we do love this agenda.

We’re sold on all these planners. The only problem? Which one to pick.