Holiday Table Decor | 12 DIYs of Christmas

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On this DIY of Christmas, it's time to glam up our dining table! With some glitter, tulle, and holiday cheer, Molly from Almost Makes Perfect helps you turn your tablescape game up a notch.

There are a couple key elements that take table decor from ‘meh’ to MAGIC. Texture at the base, some centerpiece items for height, and candles for a touch of romance. I mean, who doesn’t love soft lighting, amirightladies? Join Molly from Almost Makes Perfect as she shows you how!

Step 1: Our holiday table theme is glam-meets-rustic. We started with a metallic silver garland that came pre-made. You can find one in the floral or holiday decor section of any craft store.

Step 2: Next we added some centerpiece items for height. Our metallic tree sculptures fit the glammed-up woodland theme perfectly.

Step 3: Add some candles for lovely lighting. We used tapers to add some additional height, and mercury glass hurricanes for a soft, low glow. The more levels you create in a centerpiece, the more visually pleasing it is to the eye. Life hack, mic drop.

Step 4: Now for the place settings. Chargers are the new placemat. Get into it. You can find rustic wood slices like ours at any craft store. Extra DIY points if you spray them with a clear coat to keep them spill-proof so you can use them all year long!

Step 5: Place your plate on top of your charger, and your linen on top of your plate. Add flatware on top of your linen. (Another life hack: flatware goes on the table in alphabetical order from Left to Right: Fork, Knife, Spoon. YOU’RE WELCOME.). And finally, your glasses go on the upper right of your place setting. Sorry, lefties.

Step 6: Light those candles and get the mood goin’. Just look at that grown-up table. You’re a class act, kiddo.

Everyone will have a different take on this one and we’d love to see your festive holiday tablescapes! Tag us on Instagram @bemakeful and use #MakefulHoliday.