How To Create Elegant Agate Place Cards

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No need for a crown and scepter to feel fancy at your wedding or soirée! Simply swap the paper place cards for these stunningly elegant agate ones to make your guests feel trés chic! Place the magnetized board at the entrance of your shindig to provide an elegant and colourful atmosphere right as your guests arrive. Bonus: each place card doubles as a charming personalized souvenir!

Want to thank your guests with a special card after the festivities have ended – make sure to read on down for a FREE DOWNLOAD!

STEP 1: Paint the edges of the agate coasters with liquid gold leaf and let it dry completely.

STEP 2: In large cursive letters, take your gold metallic marker and mark each agate with the name of each guest.

STEP 3: Place a small dab of superglue onto each magnet. Careful not to glue your fingers! Glue a magnet onto the back of each agate.

STEP 4: Now take your plywood and sheet metal. Paint a layer of primer, then a layer of white paint. Repeat the same process for the sheet metal. Let both dry.

STEP 5: Take your industrial glue and apply a line of glue along the edges. Adhere the sheet metal on top of the painted plywood.

STEP 6: Attach your magnetized agate coasters, and organize the board with your gold marker. Add a fun title, table numbers, maybe even an inspiring quotation or two!

Beautiful, personal, and elegant, and a great souvenir for your guests to take home! After the festivities have ended,  make sure to send them a thank you postcard inspired by these amazing agates!

DOWNLOAD YOUR FREE THANK YOU AGATE POSTCARDS HERE: FRONT/BACK. When printing, make sure that the front side is aligned with the back side to create a postcard.

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