How To Make A Beautiful Mother’s Day Brunch

It's always the best celebrating your mama with bites, drinks, and a beautiful brunch table setup. If you're looking for some inspiration on how you can make your brunch table setup this Mother's Day, here are a few of our favorite ways you can make your brunch table from drab to fab with a table runner, a hand painted vase with beautiful florals, hand painted glasses, brunch bites, and of course Peach Bellinis!

Moroccan-Inspired DIY Table Runner

It’s easy enough to put a table cloth over your table and call it a day. Step it up a notch with this handmade table runner that will not impress your mom for Mother’s Day, but it will work as a minimal decor piece for your dining table year round!

Freehand Painted Cocktail Glasses + Peach Bellini Recipe

Add a punch of fun to your ordinary glasses and add a bit of flare that isn’t too crazy and fits the minimal theme of the brunch by spray painted and adding some paint strokes to a simple glass or stemless wine glass. Not only that, but it’ll make whatever cocktail you make SUPER Instagrammable. If you need some help on what cocktail to make, find out how you make this delicious and easy Peach Bellini cocktail as well!

Minimalist Painted Vase

To make sure that your table is cohesive, you want to make sure that all the details match. That even goes for the vase to match with the glasses. 10/10 you will not find a vase that matches your glasses (unless they’re all clear), so take it into your own crafty hands and paint this minimal yet bright and fun pattern on a clear floral vase to tie in the brunch setup together. Not only that, when you add monstera deliciosa leaves to add an even better punch to your DIY table runner, your entire table setup will be perfect for an outdoor setting and remarkably Instagrammable.

Quick & Easy Cornmeal Brunch Bite Recipe

Looking for a last-minute desert recipe that will leave your mom wanting more? See how you can make these quick and easy cornmeal brunch bites in less than half an hour! Make sure to make enough for when everyone asks for seconds!

And with these easy upgrades to your Mother’s Day brunch today, you’ll have your mama thanking you for such an amazing and thoughtful display!

If you tried any of these tips for Mother’s Day, let us know! Tag us on Instagram and make sure to use #BeMakeful!

Happy Mother’s Day to all the mamas out there!