Magic + Variety Arts | The Creative Lab

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With all the amazing things that we create at Makeful, it's safe to say that it's pretty close to creating some magic. However, I wanted to learn to do some real magic. I decided to bring in the amazing variety artist Lindsay Benner to help me learn with a flick of the wrist.

Want to know how to be the most entertaining person at a party? Lindsay will let you know how to be that person and a bag of chips. Also, you might need a bag of chips too to learn to do so – literally.

As she came into our studio with her big bright red suitcase, we were in for a treat, or more so, tricks. Right off the bat, we started with the hardest skill of all: juggling.

While I am a master multi-tasker, it was a different story when I was handed juggling balls. First, we started off by using scarves to get in the rhythm of how to juggle, and Lindsay mentioned to imagine a square in front of you and toss one scarf to one corner of the square, and the other to the other side of the square. Then, it came to the real deal. I thought it was hard to juggle two balls, but then once it came to three, it was even harder. There is a rhythm that you have to maintain, and always make sure that you are ready to catch the ball the minute you throw it in the air. Lindsay made it look EXTREMELY easy, but I think I’ll continue practicing to get on her level.

Next, she taught me the magic scarf trick, where you pull a scarf from your neck, without strangling yourself. She made it look so simple, and at first, I almost did strangle myself, but then I was able to get the scarf off so easily following her neat loop trick. Pro tip: if you’re afraid of injuring yourself because you didn’t quite catch the loop, you will probably want to do this with the supervision of one of your friends.

It’s safe to say that I still have some learning to do when it comes to Lindsay’s amazing skills. One thing I did learn however, is that dropping the ball (literally) isn’t a bad thing, and it’s just a part of the process in everyone’s creative journey. Excited to take what I learned today to the next level!

If you’re interested in learning more about magic and variety art, be sure to follow Lindsay and learn more about her one woman show! Also, if you have any tricks up your sleeve, let me know and tag us #BeMakeful on Instagram!