Mini Canvas Art | 3 Min DIY Jeanine Amapola

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Today, we're helping you bring out your inner artist. Join Jeanine Amapola and Makeful as we turn some blank canvases into mini works of art in this 3 Minute DIY. Yup, just 3 minutes!

We suggest using 3-4 mini canvases from the art supply store so you can group them together at the end to make a little mini gallery wall! Then all you need is paint (acrylic is preferred for its fast dry time and easy clean up), some tape, and a brush! Let’s get painting!

Step 1: 
First, tape out a mini-design onto your canvas. Jeanine’s is a kind of modern color block design! Keep in mind that whatever is underneath the tape is gonna stay white.

Step 2: Fill in the blocked off sections with different colors of paint. Or you can go monochromatic, too- up to you!

Step 3: Once the paint is dry, peel back the tape and marvel at your speedy artistic skills. Look out, Louvre!

We’d love to see how your petite artworks turned out! Tag on Instagram @bemakeful and use #3MinDIY!