DIY Moon Day-Inspired Cord Taco

If you look in my backpack or purse, it's pure organized confusion. I know exactly where everything is, but if I were to hand my bag to someone, they would hand it back to me and ask me where my charger is. But of course, with organized confusion, there is always the room for improvement and some easy organizing hacks that we can show you. With this easy to make leather cord clip, you can say goodbye to you headphones and charger cables tangling, and having them compact in your bag.

STEP 1: Start off by cutting out a circle from your leather. I used a simple mason jar to trace out a perfect circle on the leather, and was able to cut out two.

STEP 2:  Using white acrylic paint, dip your brush into the paint and into some water. To create the splatter effect, hold your brush with one hand and hit the top of the brush above the leather. This will create a perfectly messy starry detail on the leather. You can leave it as is, or illustrate a more Moon-like detail like I did with the other.

STEP 3: After the paint has dried, punch in two holes on each circle to place in where you want to install the heavy duty snaps with a leather punch.

STEP 4: Place your heavy duty snaps into the holes. There are four parts to the snaps that you will be using all together on the clip to make both ends snap together. On each end where the holes are on the leather, place the leather on top of the part with the protruding knob into each hole. Make sure that the inside of the leather is facing you. Place the round closing on top of the button-looking snap, and hammer it down using the heavy duty snap tool. Hammer it down until the knob has been spread. Repeat the same step for edged snap closing on top of the flat snap, and hammer it down until it has spread and secured.

STEP 5: Get your ear phones or charger and close the snap to keep your cords organized – that easy!

If you liked this DIY and are going to us eat to organize your own cord tacos, let us know by tagging us at @BeMakeful! We’d love to see your creations!