Ombré Dog TeePee | Pet Projects

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Your fabulous furry friend can't just sleep in a boring old dog bed! Let them nap in style in this easy DIY ombré pet teepee! Break out some s'mores for you and some doggie treats for your pup cause you're about to go glamping in your own living room. Who says pet-friendly decor can't be chic?

Step 1: First thing’s first; we have to cut our fabric into the correct shape for a tee pee. Start by folding the whole piece of canvas in half. Take a tape measure and place one end on the folded corner of the fabric. Extend the tape measure to 48 inches. Keeping one end of the tape measure on the folded corner, mark 48 inches away from that corner in a semi circle, every 6 inches or so. This will mark the bottom of the tee pee. Do the same thing with the tape measure showing three inches. This will be the top! Join the pencil marks together to create your pattern, then cut along the lines.

Step 2: Next, we’re going to dye our fabric. Fill one bowl with cold water, keep one bowl empty, and fill the third bowl with 1 cup hot water and about half your bottle of liquid dye.

Step 3: Add the dye mixture to your large container with some cold water. Dunk the entire piece of canvas in, keeping track of where the top is. Once you’ve immersed the whole canvas, pull out the top third and place it in your waiting bowl of cold water. Continue this process every 10-mins or so, moving the top to the empty bowl, the middle to the cold water, and so on. Set aside to dry keeping in mind there’s dye on the fabric so don’t set it anywhere that could stain like a rug or indoor flooring.

Step 4: While our fabric is dyeing and drying, we’re gonna build the base for our tee pee! Tie the end of the twine on the end of one of your dowel rods, about 2 inches down. Wrap the twine around the first 2 dowel rods about 10 times. Then wrap the twine about 10 times between the two joined rods, creating a kind of criss-cross effect. Do the same with the remaining two rods, except wrap the twine an inch or two lower on the second pair.

Step 5: Set it up! Spread the dowel rods with the twine that is lower first, then add the second set on top. Take one more large bit of twine and wrap around all 4 rods, weaving back and forth, creating the top of your teepee! Be sure to tie securely.

Step 6: Finally, wrap your dry fabric around the top of the teepee like a shawl with the small opening on top. Use fabric adhesive or hot glue to secure the top 6-8 inches of fabric to each other, leaving the bottom flaps open for Fido to walk inside.

And there you have it! A chic alternative to a dog bed that will have your pup even more excited to take a nap! If that’s even possible. Show us how you pamper your pets @BeMakeful!




  • 3 yards canvas fabric
  • 3 large containers
  • mixing pot
  • liquid fabric dye
  • mixing utensil
  • 1 cup hot water
  • tape measure
  • pencil
  • Scissors
  • 3 yards twine
  • 4 48-inch dowel rods
  • fabric adhesive or hot glue