Ombré Holiday Cocktail | 12 DIYs of Christmas

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On this DIY of Christmas, we're turning it all the way up with some festive, fruity ombré cocktails! Because really, do we need a reason to make drinks? Nope.

Be careful with this yum-a-lish concoction. It’s so so good and also has a medium to high alcohol content depending on how heavy your hand is (winky face). So maybe don’t down these in rapid succession if you can help it. You’ll want to since these drinks don’t taste like alcohol but you’ll end up on the floor if you do. And no one wants that. We’re just lookin’ out for you, lady.

Ok, let’s join Molly from Almost Makes Perfect as she makes some bevvies!

1. Start with chilled glasses and add some ice.

2. Pour in one part pear vodka and equal part pineapple juice.

3. Add a splash of cranberry juice to the top. The more cranberry juice you add, the more of an ombré effect you’ll see. Do not stir or you’ll lose the effect.

4. Garnish with a spring of mint for a fresh pop of color and taste.

This is a great cocktail to serve at any holiday party, but also to enjoy year-round. Party with us by sharing your ombré cocktails on Instagram. Tag us @bemakeful and use the hashtag #MakefulHoliday.