Stunning Rustic Floral Wedding Cake Toppers

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The big day is just around the corner! The cake is ready, the band is booked, the speeches are written…there’s just no time to do anything else, right? Never say never – here’s a quick and easy way to add some individuality to your wedding cake, a nice change from the classic cake figurines.

These rustic fresh floral cake toppers only require three easy steps to complete!Step 1: Trim down the root of the succulent.

Step 2: Fit the succulent snugly in the test tube. Use gentle pressure to insert the test tube into the top of your cake.

Step 3: Stagger other succulents in the other layers of the cake, and repeat step 2.

Step 4: For the blossoms, first add some water to the test tubes. Then repeat the process for the blossoms: cut down the stems so they fit neatly in. For more volume, add other blooms in other test tubes and place them next to each other to fill the cake to your liking.

With this easy and quick hack, you can turn a plain cake into an elegant and minimal dessert in just a few steps! If you’re looking to use these tips of decorating your next cake, make sure to show us by tagging us on Instagram @BeMakeful!  Many blessings and best wishes!