how to keep your mug as cozy as you

When the weather outside is frightful and the fire is so delightful (White Christmas anyone? Just me. K, cool) you're looking to make your life more comfy cozy. Totally get it and have got the perfect thing. A sweater for your mug—which means your hands will be insulated from that super hot cup of coffee, tea, a chai latte, mate and everything in between.

So I started seeing sweater mug cozies around. And since I am SO DOWN with hot bevvies I thought to myself, I’d find an old sweater to repurpose! And I have the perfect mug to go with that sweater! I was determined to make the look work.

Step 1: Cut out a long rectangle of fabric from your sweater that is at least 2 inches wider than your mug. It needs to be 2 inches wider so you have room to make a “hem” on either side. Similarly, you should have room leftover on the ends when you wrap the fabric around the circumference of the mug. Better to have a piece too big that you can cut down than to run out of room!

Step 2: Using the double-sided fabric tape, create a “hem” by folding over the raw edges of your fabric. (You can also use fabric glue, but tape works best for this project).
Hemmed, the piece should be slightly shorter than your mug – you want a tiny bit of room at the top of the mug for your mouth to take a sip.

Step 3: Sew a button in the centre of one end of the hemmed fabric rectangle. On the other, sew a small loop using the elastic. The loop should be big enough to fit the button but small enough that it won’t slip off. When you lay the finished piece out, it will have a button on one end and the loop on the other.

Step 4:  Wrap the finished cozy around the mug, pulling the loop over the button and thus joining the ends. And voila almost the coziest cozy ever.