8 Keto-friendly Recipes That Are Actually Good

So you’re having a party for the holidays, but aren’t sure what to make that’ll fit in with your new ketogenic lifestyle and will be a hit at the party? Here’s a list of recipes that are bound to be a home-run and keep your macros in check! 

Vegetarian Keto Club Salad

Here’s a classic vegetarian salad with a keto touch! This vegetarian keto club salad is an appetizer that can also be doubled as a main course because it’s so filling and bonus points; there’s dressing! 

Sausage Zucchini Boats

Zucchini never looked so appetizing, right folks? These classic sausage zucchini boats are bound to be a hit. Don’t have sausage? don’t sweat it. You can substitute the sausage with any meat of your choice. 

Keto Mac ‘n’ Cheese

Looking to make a classic for the holidays, sans the carb overload? Here’s a perfect recipe for keto mac ‘n’ cheese substituted with cauliflower. Who ever said you can’t have comfort food on the keto diet was a liar. 

Keto Cream of Mushroom Soup 

Looking for something to warm your guests up this christmas, without all the gluten-laden products? Look no further, this keto cream of mushroom soup is sure to keep you and your guests warm this chilly holiday season! 

Keto Sushi

Going ketogenic can have its downsides, especially when those carvings start to hit and particularly when those cravings happen to be sushi. This keto sushi recipe features, cucumbers, cream cheese and avocado. Not all your favourites but close!  

One Skillet Keto Classic Chicken Pot Pie

Nothing is more of a show stopper than the classic chicken pot pie. This recipe especially is the one to hit every single one of those warm tingly spots that spark up after a warm delicious meal with the family. 

Homemade Keto Biscuits

Looking for the perfect carb-free side to go with the chicken? Look no further; these keto biscuits are sure to be a hit, and nobody has to go home feeling guilty. They’re comforting, delicious and the best part is that they can be wiped up in a single bowl. Less dishes involved equals a happy host.

Keto Hot Chocolate

A holiday party wouldn’t be a holiday party without a warm bevie. This hot chocolate recipe is virtually guilt-free! Nostalgic holiday feels anyone?