10 Comfort Foods You Know You Want to Serve at Your Reception

burgers on a platter for a wedding
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Serving up universally loved comfort foods is a surefire way to please any crowd!

Wedding food has a reputation for being either a bit predictable (would you like the chicken or the fish?), or overly formal and a tad stuffy. Serving up universally loved comfort foods is a surefire way to please a crowd. Whether you’ve planned a family-style dinner, cocktails and canapés, or a midnight snack table, consider these familiar favourites.

Chips and Dip

Ruffles and ranch? Kettle chips and French onion? Tostitos and salsa? Turning your favourite combo into a wedding-worthy snack is all in its presentation. If you’re really looking to impress your guest’s taste buds, go beyond the familiar by offering unexpected options like blue corn, plantain chips, or root vegetable chips paired with guacamole, black bean dip, and hummus.


This snack can be dressed up to satisfy sweet or savoury cravings. For maximum appeal, fill a few large bowls with a choice of classic (movie butter, cheddar, or caramel corn) or gourmet (parmesan and black pepper, mint chocolate, or cotton candy) options with scoops and mini paper bags for guests to serve themselves. Or, have a special recipe pre-packaged into custom labeled bags and set in baskets by the door for an edible grab-and-go favour.

popcorn for a wedding
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Your 7-year-old self had it all figured out: pizza is the ultimate party food. Order a stack of saucy, cheesy pies for midnight delivery to give your guests the second wind they need to keep dancing late into the night. No need to go fancy here. Classic pepperoni and plain cheese are sure to fulfill all your guests’ cravings.

Waffle Sundae Bar

Who can resist the aromatic allure of freshly baked Belgian waffles? Add on a buffet of whipped cream, chocolate, and butterscotch syrup, juicy strawberries, and rainbow sprinkles, and you’ve got yourself a winning combination. For best results, set up a chef-attended station so staff can crank out hot, fresh waffles on demand. Bonus points if you’re able to tack on a soft serve ice cream machine.

French Fries

Fact: Everyone loves French fries. Serve them up in little cones and put a personal twist on it by offering a choice of out-of-the-ordinary dipping sauces, like garlic aioli, sriracha ketchup, or truffled mayo. Or, go full Canuck and dish ‘em out poutine-style with roasted gravy and squeaky cheese curds.


Donuts have been the treat of choice at weddings for a couple of years now, but they’re one trend we hope will never die. Whether served stacked on pedestals or hung from a pegboard, this dessert has visual appeal, and will tempt guests young and old.

wedding donut wall
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Homemade Pie

Prefer pie to cake? Go ahead and swap it out. A tiered display of fruity pies can be just as beautiful as a wedding cake. To make it extra personal, ask family members to bake their secret recipes (pretty much every grandma has one they’re famous for) to contribute to a dessert smorgasbord.

Maple Taffy

A traditional Canadian delicacy, this confection is perfect for a late winter wedding, just ahead of the spring thaw. Never had it? Boiling maple syrup is poured over a bed of fresh snow and then quickly rolled onto a wooden stick to make a delightfully chewy treat. Want to take it to next level? Some caterers, like Toronto-based Sixty Six Brix, offer a selection of cubed cheeses to wrap the taffy around, for that perfect combo of salty and sweet.


A build-your-own taco station is interactive and fun and, best of all, will satisfy most dietary concerns. Start with gluten-free corn tortillas and a few protein options to choose from — try carnitas, shredded chicken or shrimp, and black beans for the vegetarians — alongside a spread of toppings, and let guests go at it.

taco bar at a wedding
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Milk & Cookie Shots

The perfect nightcap has nothing to do with alcoholic beverages. Have servers pass trays loaded with shot glasses of cold milk topped with warm chocolate cookies. The classic combo will be the perfect sweet treat to cap off the evening.