3 Grown Up Apple Cider Recipes

Nothing is cozier than a mug of apple cider on a cold winter's night. Except maaaybe a boozy mug of apple cider. Wink-wink. Whether you're serving it at a party, or by the fire in your 'jammies, here are three fresh takes on the traditional bevvie that will bring some serious comfort and joy.

1. Elderflower Apple Cider

This recipe from Sweet C’s Design uses sweet elderflower combined with tart orange citrus for a flavor combo that is totally irresistible. It’s also an insanely easy process. You toss all the ingredients into a crockpot or set to simmer on the stove and forget about it till you’re ready to drink it. This recipe doesn’t add booze ’till the end, so it’s nice to also the have option of serving it with or without alcohol.

2. Spiced Apple Cider 

This bevvie from A Beautiful Mess is a super simplified version of spiked cider. With just four ingredients (three if you leave out the spiced rum), this is a great option when all you wanna do is cozy up by the fire and look at Pinterest porn. (We’re right there with ya).

3. Easy Spiked Cider

This spin on traditional cider from Sarah Hearts is a delicious and refreshing chilled version. It can be served warm too, but serving it over ice gives it a cheery cocktail feel. Kinda like apple pie and an Old Fashioned had a baby. Yes, pleaseandthankyou.