5 Totally Instagram-Worthy Cocktails

We're always on the hunt for the next cocktail to snap for our Instagram. And we think these five drool-worthy cocktails might just be too pretty to drink!

First up, we have a spicy mango michelada complete with a mango skewer, lime wheel, and a chili powder rim.

Courtesy of What Do You Crave

If you’re looking for a spicy drink that’s packed with flavor this one is for you! And if you listen closely, you’ll hear it whisper, “take a selfie with me”. (For full recipe, check out What Do You Crave.)

Next up, is an entirely unexpected take on a traditional margarita.

Courtesy of Gimme Some Oven

This unique looking smoothie is actually a creamy, avocado margarita! Your IG followers will never see this coming. And, you can surprise them with a fun fact: avocados have almost double the amount of potassium that bananas do! #Cheers (For full recipe, check out Gimme Some Oven)

The great thing about this next cocktail is how well it pairs with Mexican food.

Courtesy of Drizzle and Dip

No matter what you’re planning to grub on, you can wash it down with this classic Paloma. It’s peachy colour is also Instagram gold! (Get the full recipe here, courtesy of Drizzle & Dip.)

Move over Moscow mule, the strawberry mule is here to conquer Instagram feeds everywhere.

Courtesy of Domesticate Me

This bold cocktail swaps vodka for tequila and adds in a fresh strawberry puree. The copper mug, colorful liquid and fresh fruit are just begging to be photographed. (For full recipe, check out Domesticate Me)

Lastly, this list would not be complete without an Horchata cocktail!

Courtesy of The Crafted Sparrow

This sweet, milky white cocktail makes for a great dessert drink. (For full recipe, check The Crafted Sparrow).

We hope you give one of these Instagram-worthy cocktails a try! Be sure to tag us on Instagram using the hashtag #BeMakeful.