6 Yummy Ways to Have Nutella for Breakfast!

Adding Nutella to your morning meal kicks it up a notch from every day to every YAY. Plus, ummm...chocolate for breakfast? Nods head yes. These easy to make recipes take almost zero time, which is a bonus considering not everyone (virtually no one) has time to whip up a big brunch style breakfast on the regular. And you'll be dreaming of them for several mornings after because Nutella. Mmmmmmmmmm Nutella. Let your eyes feast on these fun brekkie options!

1. S’mores Waffles


These s’mores waffles from Pinch Of Yum are the definition of decadent. Ooey-gooey marshmallow, rich creamy Nutella, fluffy waffles…Aaaand, I just drooled on the keyboard. Sub in frozen waffles for the real thing if you’re short on time. It’s dessert for breakfast. And who doesn’t want dessert for breakfast? NOBODY. Get into it.

1. Nutella Yogurt Parfait


This parfait from Coast 2 Coast Mom is an awesome and simple way to use Nutella to up your breakfast game. Another bonus? No baking or prep needed. All you do is layer yogurt, granola, Nutella and berries in a glass. And that’s it! Plus, how gorgeous is this to look at?


3. Nutella Tortilla “French Toast” Re-invented


This recipe from Eat Drink and Be Tracy is a kind of hybrid between french toast and a crepe. Substituting a flour tortilla for bread, it makes for a super easy and super tasty treat. Adding Nutella to the mix puts it over the top!


4. English Muffin Fruit Breakfast Pizzas


These mini breakfast “pizzas” from The Comfort of Cooking are a fantastic option if you have a full house or want to put out a tray to graze on all morning. Simply top a toasted English muffin with Nutella or peanut butter or BOTH, then add fruit toppings and BOOM a bite-size breakfast for one or the whole house.


5. Banana Nutella Toast Sandwich


This Nutella and banana sandwich from Minimalist Baker may look fancy, but it only takes 4 ingredients and 10 minutes to make. Seriously, this looks like something out of a gourmet cookbook. Almost- almost– too gorg to eat.


6. Simple Nutella Breakfast Wrap


This Nutella breakfast “burrito” from Every Little Thing takes just 5 minutes to make and packs a delicious punch. Plus, the cereal gives it a perfectly crunchy texture that is just SO satisfying. Bonus: if you’re dashing out for work or play, it’s an easy meal on the go.

There you have it. 6 ways to start your day with something Nutell-icious.