Bailey’s Pudding Shots

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Who doesn't like a little junk food? Today, we're showing you how to make some yummy pudding shots by combining delicious dark chocolate and creamy Bailey's liqueur. YAS. Time to party!

Two vices, sweets and spirits, in one delicious dessert. Sign me up. Here’s how to make them.

1. Combine Bailey’s, vodka, milk, and instant pudding mix and whisk together until smooth.

2. It’s hard not to just eat this right out of the bowl, we know, but go ahead and funnel the mixture into small pudding cups or shot glasses.

3. Chill the pudding until set, about 30 minutes. Use a cheese grater to grate a candy bar on top to add a little texture and pizazz!

Get ready to party with these adorable and delicious bite-size bailey’s pudding shots. It’s a drink and a dessert in one! Major yum.