Best Mulled Wine Sangria Recipes

Maybe like a lot of us around the studio you have a ton of wine left over from holiday festivities? Well, you could just drink it as is and we would support that fully. Alternately, you could make some of it into warm winter sangria using mulling spices to give the traditional Spanish refresher a new spin. We love new spins. Enjoy our fav mulled wine sangrias culled from the depths of the internet!


1. Cranberry Orange Mulled Wine 
The most traditional recipe of the bunch is this Cranberry Orange Mulled Wine from Wine and Glue. And it’s a “go-to” for a reason; it’s a festive and sweet treat that uses all the favorite winter staples like cranberries, oranges, cinnamon and cloves, and you’re pretty much guaranteed to like it. Sometimes, you just don’t mess with a classic.


2. Mulled Pear White Wine Sangria
This sweet n’ spicy pear sangria from Katie at the Kitchen Door is so light and easy to drink. The fresh pear and the crisp white wine combined with traditional mulling spices makes for an unexpectedly refreshing winter drink that’s great served hot or cold.

Mulled Wine or Glühwein is a warm winter German version of sangria that tastes like Christmas. Start a new family tradition with this belly-warming hot holiday punch recipe at

3. German Mulled Wine AKA “Glüwein” 
We love glüwein, ja! A staple at German Christmas Markets, this recipe from Tidy Mom is sure to warm you right up on a frozen winter’s night. Glüwein packs a lot of punch (pun intended) using lots of flavors from sweet wine, toasted spices, and spiked with brandy. Mmmm our tummies are getting warm just thinking about it!

Apple Cinnamon Sangria Cocktail Recipe
4. Apple Cinnamon Sangria

This is a great recipe to make ahead and just pull out of the fridge if you know you’ll be having company over. This recipe from Oh So Beautiful Paper is meant to be chilled overnight to let the flavors from the spices and the fruit really blend together. The homemade cinnamon syrup puts this recipe over the top!