Calming Lavender CBD Cocktail | Bottoms Up

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Planning on having a relaxing night in? Today, Whitney Adams has the perfect cocktail for you on this episode of Bottoms Up. Let Whitney show you how to whip up a calming lavender gin cocktail with a super special ingredient: CBD oil.

Get ready to take a step back from our crazy hectic lives and make a cocktail that will make you chilllllllll outttttttttt.

STEP 1: Start off with a tall glass filled with ice. Pour in 1 1/2 shot of gin into the glass.

STEP 2: Grab your lavender simple syrup. NOTE: for this homemade simple syrup, you will want to make this ahead of time before your start pouring cocktails just so you can get the best lavender taste possible. Grab one bottle and mix in equal parts sugar and water. You will want to pour this mix into a saucing pan and let it dissolve and mix entirely. Add in one sprig of lavender into the bottle, pour in your syrup, and let it set for a few hours to let it infuse within the syrup. Once your syrup is ready to go, add in 1 1/2 shot of the lavender simple syrup to the glass.

STEP 3: Next, add in 1/2 shot of lemon juice into the glass. Can you already feel how delicious this is going to taste?

STEP 4: Time to spice up your drink. Grab your lavender bitters and sprinkle a few spritz on top of your cocktail.

STEP 5: And finally – the moment we’ve all been waiting for: our super secret ingredient, the CBD oil. This is the key to making sure that your cocktail gives your that extra ounce of relaxation that you need after a long day. (Please keep in mind that CBD oil should be added based on the suggested dosage that the packaging says.)

STEP 6: Top off your drink with some fizzy club soda, approximately 2 ounces. Stir your drink afterwards to make sure all your ingredients mix in well together.

STEP 7: Grab a sprig of fresh lavender and add it to your drink. Add your straw, and get straight to sipping!

And there you have it – a fresh and relaxing lavender CBD oil cocktail to help you end the night on a *high* note!

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