Celebrate National Pizza Day with Pizza Buns!

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For a lot of us, pizza is an excuse to celebrate any day for any occasion. Made it to work on time without traffic? Actually found time to finally do some laundry on a weekday? Made it through 3 consecutive work meetings and made it in time for lunch? All great reasons to make it a pizza night. Luckily for you, today is National Pizza Day, so all the more reason to celebrate!

If you have “Gimme Pizza” playing in the background already, and are ready to literally roll, it’s time to get cheesy and make some Chicken Alfredo pizza rolls.

1. Roll out 1 lb. of pizza dough over baking mat into a large rectangle.

2. To prepare the chicken, grill 1 chicken breast, and dice into finely chopped square pieces.

3. Pour one cup of marinara sauce onto pizza dough. Make sure to spread it evenly throughout the entire dough with a spoon.

4. Sprinkle the diced chicken evenly over the pizza dough and marinara sauce. Make sure to leave about an inch of free space on one of the lengths of the rectangle, This will make it easier to roll.
5. Sprinkle a generous amount of grated cheese over the entire pizza dough. We recommend sprinkling an entire cup, but feel free to get a little cheesy and add as much as you want! For some of us, the limit for cheese does not exist.

6. Once all the ingredients are in and your pizza is stacked with all the goods, carefully start rolling in the edges of the pizza and roll the pizza into one roll. Seal the dough closed using that free edge of your rectangle.

7. Once you have the pizza in one role, grab your floss and tie it around a 1-inch section of the pizza roll and pull to cut it off the piece. Repeat the same method for each section until you have cut the whole roll.

8. Grab your baking dish and spray with baking non-stick oil. Place all the rolls into the pan facing down.

9. Get one cup of alfredo sauce and pour it evenly over all the rolls on the pan.

10. Place the pan into the over at bake at 350º F until golden brown.

11. Time for the finishing touches! Drizzle some more alfredo sauce over the baked pizza rolls, and garnish with oregano.

12. You’re ready to cut and serve!