How To Bake Homemade Tortilla Chips

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Sure, you could hit up your fave Mexican restaurant for an authentic tortilla chip experience ... or you could make these super easy tortilla chips with this fresh salsa recipe at home for much cheaper!

These restaurant-style tortilla chips are seriously addicting. Plus, paired with this unbelievably easy fresh salsa, you’ll feel like you’re at a fancy restaurant…except you don’t have to get out of your sweatpants. Which, to us, is the ultimate success, tbh.

To Make The Tortilla Chips

1. Cut tortillas into 6 equal wedges using a pizza cutter.

2. Brush a cookie sheet evenly with corn oil, then coat both sides of each tortilla chip with oil as well. Lay the chips out on the cookie sheet and top with salt.bake at 350°

3. Bake the chips at 350° for 5 minutes, turn them over, then bake another 5 minutes till golden and crispy. YUMMMM!

To Make The Salsa

1. Add plum tomatoes, onion, lime juice, jalapeños (seeded if you prefer mild, leave the seeds if you like spicy!), garlic, cumin, salt, sugar, and cilantro to a food processor. Pulse it a couple of times, and then process till the salsa is your desired consistency.

Yeah, it’s only one step. BOOM.

And that’s it! Sit back and celebrate National Tortilla Chip Day with these amazing, fresh restaurant style chips and salsa recipes that will blow store bought stuff right outta the water.