How To Make Easy Watermelon Jelly Shots

Summer calls for watermelon. More often than not, people can expect you to bring watermelon to a picnic as a quick refreshing and healthy snack, but what about bringing boozy watermelons? With this easy way to show you how to make tequila watermelon shots, you can have all your friends and guests and your summer shindig begging for more!

STEP 1: Set two cups of water to boil depending on what your gelatin packet instructions say. As you let it boil, begin to prepare your limes and cut them in half. You can cut them in the middle as you normally would, but for these we cut them across so that way the jello wedges would be longer.

STEP 2: Next, hollow out the lemons and remove the juice and meat from inside. Once you’ve hollowed them out, them should look like small little bowls.

STEP 3: Once your water has boiled, add your pack of gelatin powder and mix thoroughly. As you’re mixing, add your shots of tequila, and add 2 1/2 shots per 2 cups of water.

STEP 4: Place the hollowed out limes in plastic Dixie cups to hold the wedges in place to prevent spillage on a large dish. Begin pouring in the jello mix into the limes, and place into the fridge for an hour to cool.

STEP 5: Once your jello has cooled completely, begin slicing your limes in half. Once you’ve sliced them, they should start resembling little watermelon wedges. As a finishing touch, you can also sprinkle sesame seeds to actually make them look like watermelons.

And that’s it! An easy and quick way to turn up your summer get together in little or no time! If you liked this recipe or want to try it for an actual watermelon and make a jello punch bowl, let us know and tag us @BeMakeful!