How To Slice a Cake | Cake Basics

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There's more than one way to slice a cake! Today on Cake Basics, we're showing you how to keep your cake slices even and neat, no matter what size and shape of cake you've got. Spoiler alert: delish cakes featured, may induce a mouth-watering sensation. Pass that slice of cake!

Cake #1: Square Cake

When you have a square cake, an easy way to make sure the pieces are even is to quarter the entire cake first, then halve the two quarters again to create perfectly even eighths of the cake. No more fighting over who has the bigger slice!

Cake #2: Round Birthday Cake

Similar to the square cake, with this one you star out by cutting the entire cake into even quarters. X marks the spot! But your next move with a round cake is to cut the cake into eigths by slicing lengthwise across the whole cake once more, cutting it into eight even pieces. A tip for serving: use your cake knife to scoop underneath the bottom of the slice and lift out and upwards to preserve that perfect slice shape!

Cake #3: Rectangle Chocolate Strawberry Cake

When you have embellishments like the chocolate strawberries on this cake, you can use them as a kind of map on where to cut. We cut this longer cake into even fourths both ways to create 16 perfect little cube slices. You’ve done your job, let the others fight over who gets the chocolate covered strawberries!

Cake #4: Fancy Fondant Cake

When a cake is decorated so carefully and beautifully, you want to “cut down” (yeah, yeah, pun intended) on how much you slice into it to preserve the embellishments as much as you can. For that reason, we only cut out one slice at a time on this one. I mean, look at that pretty frosting flower!

Cake #5: Delicate Decorated Cake

Similar to the fancy fondant cake, we wanted to avoid cutting through the decorations if at all possible. I mean, they’re just so gorgeous! But with this one we wanted to dish out cake to more than one person at a time, so, we cut out the quarter of the cake that had no decorations on it, then divided that piece evenly into thirds before serving.

One last tip!

For any shaped slice, a great way to ensure your pieces are perfectly even every time is to warm up the knife before hand! This gives it just a little extra slicing power and makes it easier on ya. And a note on serving: you can always use the knife to scoop underneath the slice, but to make sure you don’t drop the slice on the floor as it goes from the cake to the plate (yes, there’s a story there), use a fork to steady the slice and even give it a little nudge onto the plate.

Now, whip out those forks and start enjoying! Bon appetit!